Radio shows and TV channels:

In recent years daredo has launched several radio shows and TV channels in cooperation with various partners. Examples here are the YouTube channels of daredo (daredo tv), and the “Plastic City Radio Show.” Also, other labels of daredo run their own radio shows (eg. Luxury House, Circle Music) and TV channels (eg. Mole Listening Pearls).

Online-TV channels (YouTube, Dailymotion, etc) are important promotion tools for labels and usually linked with social media activities and homepages. In these days they are an integral part of daily promotional work. In addition, TV channels can also be a profit center if video plays get monetized via license and/or advertising agreements. These revenues are increasingly important for repertoire owners (audio & visual rights holder) as a new profit center. If you’re distributed via digedo, we can add your channels to our system and help you to monetize your videos (or even only your audio recordings with visuals from fans). We also can help you monetizing your videos which are uploaded from third parties. If you don´t have your own channel to publish your videos, we your content to our channels.

Plastic City Radio Show:

Since August 2008, the Plastic City Radio Show is “on air” and hosted by well know DJs and artists like Lukas Greenberg, Gorge, Terry Lee Brown Junior, The Timewriter or special guests. Today, the radio show is being broadcasted weekly in several countries, for example at Radio Sonica Ibiza (Spain), 16BitFM (Russia), Radio Club (France), Proton Radio (USA), Sceen FM (Germany) and Athens Party (Greece).


For playlists and schedules: Plastic City Radio Show.

daredo TV:

On “daredo TV” on YouTube, you can always find new music videos from current releases from our artists as well as links to other channels connected with our company (artists, labels, companies). For all videos and channels you can see at daredo TV, we also take care on monetizing the plays and that advertising brings additional revenue.


Visit: daredo TV @ YouTube

daredo TV 2:

Our second channel “daredo TV 2″ is for movies, series, news and coverages we´re involved. Here you can find real classic movies for example from Alfred Hitchcock, film highlights like “Bellissimo”, The Dark Side of the Moon”, “House of Haunted Hill”, “The Hills Have Eyes” or “Dawn of the Dead” and links to other movie channels. You can see all movies in full length for free including some advertising. We take care on monetizing the plays and that advertising brings revenue to the asset owner.


Visit: daredo TV 2 @ YouTube

digedo TV:

On digedo TV you can always find new videos from current releases distributed by digedo, as well as links to other channels connected with our company (artists, labels and partners). We also take care of monetizing the views and advertising that brings additional revenue for our customers. The banner on “digedo TV” is changes frequently to support highlights.


Visit: digedo TV @ YouTube


The movie channels from CiNENET stand for the new way to watch a complete movie and TV series in the web. And that’s totally legal and free of charge and funded by advertising. CiNENET offers science-fiction, thriller, adventure, drama, romance, comedy, mystery, horror, classical movies and documentaries on different language and genre channels.


Visit: CiNENET @ YouTube (English), CiNENET Deutschland @ YouTube (German)

Mole Listening Pearls:

The channel “Mole Listening Pearls” with artists like Yonderboi, Naomi, Alphawezen, Wax Tailer and Zagar is a good example for a label channel. The task to define Mole Listening Pearls borders on sheer impossibility, as Mole manages to metamorphose into almost anything without losing its distinctive identity. Mole moves in the realm of electronic music and oscillates between the poles of abstraction and club suitability by consciously transcending established genres or any kind of categorisation. The objective of Mole is to release good music of true artists while generating positive vibes.


Visit: Mole Listening Pearls @ YouTube

For more information about monetizing movies and videos, please visit: