Physical Distribution

The special interest distribution Groove Alliance:

Groove Alliance, a division of daredo GmbH, is a specialised distribution system for backcatalogue and special interest CDs. It´s not a replacement for your current distributor, it´s more like an additional channel to sell your products on a long term basis! Our job is to distribute and stock (sometimes on a fixed rented storage area) small but continuous quantities of CDs and vinyl to special shop systems (for example: Amazon in Europe and US) or offer your products on different marketplaces (for example: Discogs). The idea behind is, that in theses days there are unaltered a lot of good vinyl and CD releases, which get lost in the major cains. Furthermore we keep tab on the fact, that new bands and quality albums didn´t get the time to develop in the international market before the album will be returned to the origin label and get lost in the market. Groove Alliance will change this…

Here is (for example) how we work with Amazon:


To see how your products can be offered and always be available, please visit: Groove Alliance @