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daredo publishing – state-of-the-art administration and exploitation:

Beside the daredo Gmbh, which is responsible for the digital and special interest distribution, the shop systems and the technicals services, and the daredo media GmbH, which is a modern exploitation company for music and movies, the daredo publishing GmbH is responsible for the copyrights (publishing rights). daredo publishing was founded in 2004. In the beginning the company takes over the formally “UCM publishing” catalogue. Until Oktober 2010, nearly all signings from daredo publishing flow in a Co-Publishing with EMI Music Publishing. Since November 2010, the new Co-Publishers are BMG and Kiel Publishing. daredo publishing represents an international repertoire with more than 5.000 songs of recording artists, singers and songwriters. Together with the partners EMI Music Publishing, Kiel Publishing and BMG we are able to combined with our individual service, our aim is to bridge the gap between our clients, the artists, and professional music users in media and advertising. Whether you need music for use in film, TV, commercials, home video/DVD or video games: We are here to help and happy to come up with suitable suggestions out of our vast catalogues. But also if you require a mechanical license to record and market songs; a print license for sheet music; or a performance license for live productions, please don’t hesitate to contact us with your enquiry.

Today, the demand for music is greater than ever due to the growing number of TV and radio broadcasts, commercials, live performances, video games, and online/mobile platforms. Artists, songwriters and rights owners can generate additional exposure and higher revenues if they rely on proficient support in managing their music rights.

Our services from daredo publishing and its partners to artists & writers are manyfolded and could comprise: Creative Marketing / A&R (placing songs in film, television, corporate advertisements, video games, digital distribution; marketing songs to artists, producers and labels), Songwriter Development (talent development; arranging for co-writes and other promotional activities), Copyright Administration (registration of songs worldwide, tracking and collection of royalties, payments of songwriters and the audit of licensees), Licensing (negotiating licensing fees and terms, executing paperwork and helping to obtain other required clearances) and Advances / Acquisitions (providing advances to songwriters, signing songwriters to exclusive agreements and acquiring songwriters back catalogs when advantageous for future marketing).

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