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Theatrical releases from our cinema distribution:

The complete marketing of movies includes, besides the download and streaming exploitation that daredo already offers, TV broadcasting, the physical distribution of DVDs and BluRay Discs and, of course cinema distribution, as full-length motion pictures are mainly produced for the movie theatre. Being cinema lovers, we want to pay tribute to this fact. In order to offer a truly comprehensive service for producers, authors and directors, daredo media GmbH (a subsidiary company of daredo GmbH) has decided to extend business activities to the field of movie distribution. Starting with the release concept of a movie, including detailed marketing plans via budgeting and coordinating all promotion activities up to checking all possibilities of distribution, funding, and organizing the delivery process to cinemas. The whole process of releasing a film is taken care of, and thus guarantees perfectly coordinated timing and the best possible marketing within the many exploitation possibilities that the movie business offers.

Theatrical releases:

27.03. Love Steaks (D: Jakob Lass, P: Ines Schiller, Golo Schultz | HFF Potsdam/Darling Berlin/daredo media/BeMovie), Germany (Drama, Comedy)
11.07. Love Steaks (D: Jakob Lass, P: Ines Schiller, Golo Schultz | HFF Potsdam/Darling Berlin/daredo media/Polyfilm), Austria (Drama, Comedy)
21.08. Love Steaks (D: Jakob Lass, P: I. Schiller, G. Schultz | HFF Potsdam/Darling Berlin/daredo media/StammFilm), Switzerland (Drama, Comedy)
11.12. Kaptn Oskar (D: Tom Lass, P: Jonas Knudsen | Joroni Film/Darling Berlin/daredo media/DropOutCinema), Germany (Drama, Comedy)


15.01. Familienfieber (D: Nico Sommer P: Nico Sommer | süsssauer Filmproduktion/Darling Berlin/daredo media), Germany (Drama, Comedy)


Love Steaks:


Clemens starts a new job as a massage therapist in a luxury hotel. He is shy but sensitive and likes to work with his guests’ energies. The ladies he massages fall for his hands and make advances to him that throw him off balance. Lara, who works in the kitchen, tries it the hard way. She shakes Clemens up and brings him out of his shell. She is the knife, he is the spoon. Opposites attract. She tries to rid him of his fears, he tries to rid her of her addiction. Clemens finds Lara at the beach, carries her home and cleans the vomit from her face. They light boats on fire, take a nightdive into the hotel pool and drink coffee at the laundry cart so the fox won’t find them. Clemens plays the guitar and Lara dances to it, although she can’t. An unlikely couple falls in love. Dirty, bloody, great and honest.

Director Jakob Lass tells his story in rapidly changing images that drag the viewer in the characters’ life in an almost hallucinatory way, and he doesn’t shy away from humor, too. „Love Steaks“ is a nice example for the fact that many movies are created at the editing suite, as the editing work is the most inspiring time for many directors. If the material that was created in the making of the film is so rich and colorful that it inspires the editor to new highs, movies are created, of such density and suggestive force that the audience forgets the cinema surrounding. „Love Steaks“ is “not only a movie but a gift to the audience which is simply brimming over with energy, enthusiasm, colors and love, and shows once again what cinema is able to achieve”, the Saarbrücken jury explains its decision.

„Love Steaks“ has won all four advancement awards at the Filmfest Munich for the first time in history, namely “Best Movie”, “Best Production”, “Best Theatrical Performance” and “Best Script”, it was awarded the Max-Ophüls-Preis at the Saarbrücken Film Festival in 2014 and it caused a sensation at several film festivals around the world (Slamdance, Karlovy Vary, Montréal et al.). For the label Darling Berlin and as the distributor, daredo is more than happy for the team winning all this prizes! Finally, „Love Steaks“ is nominated for the German Filmpreis 2014, among commercial productions like „Fack Ju Göthe“ or „Finsterworld“.


Some comments from the press about „Love Steaks“:

“Love Steaks“ is characterized by a nice schizophrenia of spontaneity and calculation, that testifies much more of a maverick approach to making movies than many other German newcomer hits have, that are also dealing with exploring the lifeworlds of Twenty- and Thirtysomethings. Just because the movie doesn’t follow the Hipster idea of stylizing the Zeitgeist but rather is dragging its style out of the Zeitgeist.” (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

“The hidden but relentless triumphal march of “Love Steaks“, the wittiest German comedy of the season, reminds of what happened to „Oh Boy“ two years ago, and to „Kohlhass“ last summer: finally, we have again popular movies that were not made from the willingness to compromise but from uncompromisingness.” (Franfurter Rundschau)

“Love Steaks“ opens the windows wide and admits reality to come in. And not this German pseudo-realism in movies, somewhere in between commercials and TV series, that is often so frustrating, but a virtually overwhelming here and now.” (Spiegel)

“Cinema as such cannot be more unpredictable and exciting!” (Cinema Magazine)

“Ingeniously improvised – this movie hits you right between the eyes!” (TV Spielfilm Magazine)

“„Love Steaks“ impressively shows that the Nouvelle Berlin Vague is definitely something to reckon with in the future.” (Zitty Magazine, Berlin)

“He and his team call it Fogma – the self-given rules that forbid artificial elements such as studio shoots but give room to spontaneity in order to let the ‘flow’ emerge. Which works perfectly here. To see how Lara and Clemens attract and repel each other is comical, touching and moving at the same time, it comprises an explosive force rarely to be found in movies.” (AZ, Munich)

“Love Steaks”, directed by the talented Jakob Lass, has already gained high attention in the business – despite it was produced with just a minimum budget but with a maximum of lifeblood. The movie was produced at the Film and Television University “Konrad Wolf” (HFF) in Potsdam-Babelsberg (Producer: Ines Schiller and Golo Schultz) in cooperation with Mamoko Entertainment. Love Steaks started on March, 27th 2014 on the new “Darling Berlin” label, distributed by daredo media in cooperation with Ferleih and BeMovie, in cinemas all over Germany and went immediately Top 30 in the official German movie charts (# 8 Arthouse Charts).

For more information, please visit: Moviepage “Love Steaks”.